Consignment Form

Old Goat Gear Exchange is happy to consign your higher end gear! Whether it’s those Asolo boots that never quite fit, that bike your kids left in your garage, or that kayak that’s been in your backyard so long feral badgers have nested in it, we’ll get your product seen and sold!*

Trust us: it’s way easier than Craigslist.

For larger items, it will be in your best interest to call ahead of time. Seasonal items will be taken in-season only, and will be picked up at the end of the season within a time frame determined by the staff.

You can print the consignment agreement before coming to Old Goat, or fill it out in our store.



  1. Old Goat’s commission is 40% or agreed other________ of the selling price.
  2. Credit for clothing is issued at 70%. Bicycle payout is 70% cash OR
  3. Credit may only be used by designated file holders.
  4. Old Goat Gear Exchange is not responsible for theft or damage to equipment while in the store or being handled by customers.
  5. Returns are not accepted after consignment items sell and products are sold “as-is” no warranty implied or expressed. We reserve the right to make slight price adjustments when necessary.
  6. We retain to terminate the agreement at any time.
  8. Any equipment not picked up within the agreed sales term or within the timeframe referenced in follow-up contact will be donated or disposed of.


List items clearly, please print and give a good description including color, size.  


1.___________________________________________________________________  price_________

2.___________________________________________________________________  price_________

3.___________________________________________________________________  price_________

4.___________________________________________________________________  price_________

5.___________________________________________________________________  price_________

6.___________________________________________________________________  price_________


SIGNATURES ___________________________________ /____________________________________

PRINT NAME _________________________________ PHONE#_______________________________

ADDRESS (FOR MAILED CHECKS ONLY)____________________________________________________­­­­_____

EMAIL __________________________________ EQUIPMENT WILL BE PICKED UP ON ____________

*Management asks you to remove all feral badgers from products before bringing them in. Non-feral badgers will be discussed on a case-to-case basis.

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