Buying and Return Policy

Selling and Trading

You have old gear, but want new gear. We have new gear, but want old gear. Hmmm…

Swing on by Old Goat Gear Exchange anytime we’re open to turn your gently used equipment into cash, or to trade out for new equipment! We pay out 30% of estimated sale price cash, and 40% for store credit. Store credit is kept on file in our shop, and can be cashed out any time for 90% of it’s value (just as if we paid you out cash).

Our purchasing is done seasonally, but it can’t hurt to ask if we’d be interested in other products. We request that items be cleaned and in working order.

Expect to bring ID, and if you bring a large pile of gear be prepared to wait a little while (we often only have one employee at a time).

What we want: backpacks, tents, tarps, trekking poles, in-season outdoor clothes, rain jackets, hiking boots, knives and utility gear, climbing shoes, stoves, cookware, bear canisters, and more (seasonally: bikes, cross-country skis, kayaks/canoes)

What we can’t buy: Used protective climbing gear (ATCs, harnesses, ropes, helmets, cams, etc), bike helmets, BMX bikes, down-hill skis, illegal knives, electronics (GPS’s, heart-rate watches, etc), non-outdoor clothes (Gap, H&M, etc).


Our Return Policy 

Because of the varied nature of our store, some items are returnable and others are not. Non-returnable items include any consigned item, bikes, and other select gear.

For items that may be returned, the item must be unworn/unused, have tags and a receipt. You have two weeks to return these items for cash; three for credit. After that, items will be bought at the rates above.



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