Welcome to Old Goat Gear Exchange

Welcome to Old Goat Gear Exchange

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Who Are We? 

Who are the Goats?

We’re the folks you meet out in Shindagin Hollow, urging you to hit the next skinny, pedaling hard right behind you. We’re the folks at the local climbing gyms giving you a belay when you finally send that sand-bagged route you’ve been working at all week (Damn it Jim, that route totally isn’t a 5.8!). We’re the tired middle-of-the-pack runners slogging next to you through the third lap of muck at the Fingerlakes 50. We’re the course worker cheering you up the Lucifer Stairs at Ian Golden’s brutal Cayuga 50. We’re the folks carb loading at Viva before races (nachos and beer are carbs, right?). We’re the mountaineers who make room for you in our Adirondack lean-to and geek out about your cool new dry-down sleeping bag. We’re the  snowboarders carving down Greek Peak, we’re the midnight cross-country skiers sipping at flasks and howling at the moon.

You get the picture.

We’re a local outdoor shop with a simple idea: to get you the gear and the know-how you need to get you outside.



Our Mission: 

Our goal is not only to educate you about the gear you’ll be using, but the places you’ll be using it. Whether it’s browsing our online local resource list, reading our gear reviews and articles, or talking with our knowledgeable staff, we can help you get the info you need about local trails, parks, and forests. We will also direct you to other local communities, groups, and shops that will have useful information. Think of us as a local outdoor hub.



What We Carry:

Our inventory is sourced diversely from ever-changing supplies of used, new, and sample items. We try to price all our gear so that it’s accessible to new athletes and appealing to veteran outdoorsfolk.

Items purchased and consigned at fair prices from our local outdoor community. A great way to get the gear you need at lower cost to your wallet and the environment.
We carry certain brands in-line in order to more efficiently outfit your next trip. Often times we discount these items in-shop slightly: it might not be a lot, but every little bit helps.
These are brand new, fully functioning, never used items that have been showed off at trade shows. Often times you can get these items in season (or even pre-season!) at a steep discount. Sizing and color options may be limited, but the pricing will be a winner for sure.


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