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Shindagin Hollow State Forest

Steve's Favorite Rides

You’re into mountain bikes? Looking for the local scene? Shindagin Hollow is probably the most popular, well ridden and developed trail system in the area. On any given evening you might find a group of locals having a post ride happy hour or some visitors camping at the bottom of the creek trail. The Mountain bike scene is alive and well in the Finger Lakes, and you’ll likely find its beating heart in Shinny.

Expect plenty of rolly-polly and technical cross country single track, some fun gravity fed, feature filled runs that are regularly shuttled.The Cycle-Cny crew does regular weekly group rides and even hosts popular night rides when the sun starts going down earlier and hunting season starts. Keep an eye out for the “Shindagin Shindig” an annual party hosted by our local shops that celebrates the Shindagin trails with bike demos from Trek, Scott, Giant, friends like Stan’s No Tubes, IMBA and more. Don’t miss it! We usually have maps kicking around the shop or there’s a good possibility that one of us might want to join you on a ride and show you around! Stop in and say hello before you start pedaling. Visit cycle cny’s homepage for printable maps, group rides, volunteer trail work day and becoming a member of the local IMBA chapter.

Visit cycle cny’s homepage for printable maps, group rides, volunteer trail work day and becoming a member of the local IMBA chapter.

Bald to creek shuttle (or pedal): Start at the campsite on the top of bald hill (1876 elevation ) and ride Y6 to Paperboy >B7>B6. You end at the bottom of creek campsite (1051 ft elevation). This a flowy mostly down hill oriented run with lots of little trail nuances to pop off. Look for the natural tree root drop on lower creek and don’t forget to boost the step-down in the bitch ditch! This is a relatively short run, fast folks expect 15 minutes. *This ride is for intermediate to advanced riders.

Short Bus>Dizze Dee>Rim trail>IMBA trail.: Start at the campsite on top of Bald Hill and look closely in the back corner for the entrance to Short Bus, the top section is a flowy run that leads into a more twisty rooty single track section. Pop out on Brealy Rd and go through the parking lot and do the short climb up B1. When it flattens out on look for a hairpin left and climb a short punchy hill, look for the Dizzy Dee entrance on the right. Dizzy Dee is one of my favorite runs filled with berms and jumps and features for most skill levels. There are two exits (both worth riding), if you stay left you get a steep techie downhill with a super steep fun exit chute to the snow plow turnaround (if you take this, pedal right on the shindagin hollow road for about a quarter mile and look for the entrance to the Rim Trail on the left) If you take the right exit option on Dee (the fluffy pillows) you’ll hit a series of 4 hefty sized water bar jumps (look before you leap) into a steep, fluid downhill that will drop you out directly across the rim trail entrance. The Rim Trail runs along a gorge and when the leaves are down is one of the more scenic trails to be on with some trail running along some exposure points adding to the thrill. Exit to the middle parking lot and climb B1>b3 to the top of B4 (the IMBA trail). The IMBA trail is a techie and sometimes muddy gradual downhill run filled with rocks, roots and a few bridge crossings. Exit at the creek trail campsite and either grab your shuttle or climb the creek trail to Brealy Rd. Fast riders could expect this loop (non-shuttled) to take about 1.5 hours. *this ride is intermediate to advanced riders.

Looking for some entry level rides in shinny? Climb Y1 and head south on R1 (the notorious chair trail) and explore some mileage on the red loops. Expect a mix of flowy smoothness combined with some rooty single track. You wont find too any major elevation changes after your initial climb up Y1 with the exception R7 which could easily be skipped. If your looking for more pedaling on that West ridge explore the yellow trails before you head down to your car. If you run into a local, ask where the “paper boy” trail is and take that back to the car for your exit. *note*When I say entry level trails here, don’t be fooled, these trails offer plenty of challenges but at a slower pace could be handled by entry level riders.



Hammond Hill

Nice network of multi-use trails. They are DEC maintained and tend to drain pretty well. I would say that they aren’t very technical, but rather nice, twisty, rolly single and doubletrack. The best parking spot is near the beginning of Y1, but Y4, Y5, R1 and R2 are my favorites. Be prepared to do some pedaling though, there are some big hills.




Shindagin Home Page

Streets Alive!



Want to get together with good folks and learn the local road routes? The Finger Lakes Cycling Club offers regular group rides, races and fun events.


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