Outdoor Communities

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Tired of heading off to the woods alone? Looking to make some new friends in the great outdoors? Then check out some of these great local communities!

Finger Lakes Running Club 

Looking for some motivation to run up all these brutal hills we have? Look no further than the Finger Lakes Running Club, a community of local runners who take to the countless beautiful roads and trails that this town has to offer. Whether you’re looking for casual outings, races on trail or road, or track events, the FLRC has something for you. Made up of everyone from amateur enthusiasts to veteran athletes, you’ll be happy running with this crew no matter where you end up in the pack. Looking to do some races with them? Sign up to be a member! It’s totally worth the price of admission.

Cycle CNY

For those looking to crank through Ithaca’s many forests, IMBA’s Cycle CNY chapter is the group for you. Group rides, trail maintenance days,and fun and informative events will make you feel like a part of your biking community quickly.

Cornell Outing Club

Don’t let this group’s prestigious Cornell-ian title scare you–everyone’s invited to participate in this club! A dedicated community of fellow fun-loving adventurers, COC is a great group for those looking to share their favorite activities with others, or for those looking to learn an entirely new set of skills. Backpacking/hiking, cycling, canoeing/kayaking, climbing/ice-climbing, scuba diving, caving, xc-skiing–they do it all.

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